Web Design
Product Design

SunTrust Business Online

My Role
VP, Senior Web Designer
Nov 2017 -Mar 2020

SBO - Providing Value

SunTrustBusiness Online is a SSO portal capable of handling real time account management, payroll, payment processing, balances and reporting. SunTrust provides its small business clients value by executing banking solutions for their business and employee needs. My and our teams job was to simplify processes for the users by creating a better user experience for SunTrust Small Business customers.

My Role as the designer:

• Lead the UX design for user flows and designs.

• Conducted competitive analysis for various experiences

• Collaborate with our research partners and conduct studies different features

• Presented designs to product to gain buy-in and approval stakeholder

• Support cross-functional partners to advocate for user needs related to features and user stories

• Create wireframes, user flows and clickable prototypes

• Set example of collaboration between EXD and development partners

First Time Sign In Flow
First Time Sign In Responsive Screens