Design an mobile application that will allow the user to create events and invite users that are in their contact list.

Event invites will sent through SMS and allow recipients to view event details.

The Problem

The requirements team and I were able to identify a number of customer concerns and translated them in to 4 main tasks.

    1. Use contact for event attendees.
    2. Show a list of upcoming events.
    3. The ability create own events.
    4. Confirmation of sent events.
The Solution

Once the 4 main tasks were outlined, I created a the sketches of the user flows and and low fidelity wireframes. The user would be able to create events and send events out through their contact list. Events would be sent out through SMS messaging and once the message is sent the user would receive a confirmation. There would be an indicator showing how close the event is coming. Additionally the user would be able know how many people RSVP'd for the event.
Design Planning and Research
After defying the problem and identifying the solution, the next step involves design planning and research. In this phase, I sketched out ideas and built wireframes task flows that solves the users requirements.

User Flow

Rough Sketches

Lo-Fidelity Wireframes

Hi Fidelity Mockups
After brainstorming, sketching out ideas and creating rough wireframes, I am ready to start working on hi-fidelity mockups based on items gathered in the planning phase.